Bellowstech Design Form

BellowsTech Design FomrWe invite you to use the BellowsTech Design Form to submit your custom design requirements. Please provide as many specifications as known, however, no fields are required.  If there are any questions or concerns you can  list them in the “Application Description” field.


After submitting your design form a BellowsTech Technical Specialist will contact you within 24 hours to consult with you personally and help answer any questions or concerns you may have so that we can provide you the most thorough drawing and accurate quotation possible with the available information.

While we list many different variables, each one does have value in the proper calculation in the design of an edge welded bellows, therefore, the more information you are able to provide the faster we will be able to meet your custom design requirements.

Remember to include a way to contact you to review your application.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!