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BellowsTech, LLC Manufacturing Facility

BellowsTech is a premier US manufacturer of edge welded metal bellows and assemblies, encompassing a wide array of alloys and dimensional configurations. The flexibility of material and size of metal welded bellows as well as application expertise have led BellowsTech into industries including aerospace, medical, test, semiconductor, solar, and oil and gas.

BellowsTech products are designed for high cycle life and low leak rates.  Designed and manufactured in Ormond Beach, Florida, BellowsTech edge welded bellows are offered in various materials, sizes, and configurations to provide customers the flexibility to choose the best product at the right price.

Picture of BellowsTech edge welded bellows with fire works and ISO 9001 logo

Products are tested and verified throughout the process to ensure a quality product is delivered.  Registered to ISO9001:2008, BellowsTech focuses on customers, quality, and continuous improvement.  BellowsTech employs design engineers with experience in bellows and system technology.  The sales support staff is responsive to customer inquiries and day-to-day operations.

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In 2007, BellowTech was acquired by Precision Manufacturing Group, LLC dba Servometer. Since 1957, Servometer has pioneered the manufacture of electrodeposited miniature metal bellows, bellows assemblies, contact springs, flexible shaft couplings and structurally rigid electroforms. Servometer miniature bellows are used in a variety of critical applications where high reliability and long-term use are required. Servometer has supported customers with quality products and technical service for over 50 years. Their unique, patented electrodeposition process has led Servometer to become the leading supplier of miniature metal bellows manufactured by this method.

BellowsTech and Servometer have a synergistic relationship to offer customers solutions. The technologies complement each other in size, compatibility, pressure and temperature limitations without sacrificing performance. The cross-over of engineering talent adds value and experience to ensure customers employ the right technology for their applications.  Download our corporate brochure below.




Bellows Technology Electrodeposited Edge Welded
Minimum Outside Diameter (inches) 0.02″ 0.358″
Minimum Outside Diameter (mm) 0.508 9.0932
Maximum Outside Diameter (inches) 18″ 26.5″
Maximum Outside Diameter (mm) 457.200 673.100
Minimum Inside Diameter (inches) 0.014″ 0.2″
Minimum Inside Diameter (mm) 0.356 5.080
Temperature (°F) -423 to 350°F -420 to 1300°F
Temperature (°C) -253 to 177°C -251 to 704°C
Maximum Pressure (PSI)* 5000 PSI 1000 PSI
Maximum Pressure (Bar) 350 Bar 70 Bar
Maximum Stroke Percentage
of Free Length**
40% 90%
**Contact Factory for custom stroke length.
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