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The medical industry relies on quality vendors who value the end product being advancements in the quality of life.  At BellowsTech, our titanium edge welded bellows open new opportunities for medical test equipment, bellows pumps, reservoirs, and invasive systems.  Titanium bellows are commonly used as invasive pumps to dispense medicine.  An edge welded bellows can be manufactured as a heat exchanger for blood pumping equipment to reduce the temperature of blood during surgery.

Our standard diaphragms are available in less than half an inch in diameter.  Edge welded technology allows for the bellows assembly to completely compress onto itself, thus creating smaller sizes and greater efficiency. Metal bellows can be used in medical packaging equipment as a shaft cover in a vacuum chamber.

BellowsTech can also assist with non-magnetic bellows for imaging equipment. Our miniature bellows can assist with motion, pressure, and temperature.  Contact us today to learn how we can improve the quality of life.

Miniature bellows for medical applications are also available through our parent company, Servometer. Using an electrodeposition process, Servometer bellows are light weight and flexible enough to work in a variety of applications. Servometer electroforms can also be customized for applications such as medical instruments.

Servometer can be visitied at:

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